82V 21-Inch Lawn Mower (Tool Only)


Model #GM210

Includes: 21″ Mower, Side Discharge Chute, Rear Discharge, Bag, Mulch Plug, and Owner’s Manual

Download Digital Owners Manual (.PDF)

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Features & Benefits

“I was expecting a weak and heavy tool, but now I realize these tools can get the job done.”

– Greg H.









Additional information

Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 23 x 18 in


  1. Purchased this mower two weeks ago for my business in Southern California. I previously used a competitors 40v mower, but it lacked power and I went through multiple batteries throughout the day. I would have to find power outlets at my clients houses to keep recharging the batteries that would drain quickly. Not only that, but their mower is made of plastic and there were important parts that had worn down. The Greenworks 82V mower makes their competitors mower feel like a hot weels toy. This mower has the power that you need. This mower can cut thick bermuda like nothing. What once took 1.5 hours with my old mower took 20 minutes with the 82v. The metal bar in front doubles as a protector and carrying handle to put it in the truck if you need to. Best of all, it feels like an professional mower, not like a cheap toy.

  2. A wonderful product.

    The best feature on this model is the turbo button. I was using the 80v pro line and still do, but the turbo button really helps when mulching leaves come fall.

    Great product and I love the 5ah batteries!

  3. I bought this at SiteOne in Santa Ana, CA. I was kind amazed by the $880 price with taxes, but I am used to paying for good commercial equipment. I have been a gardener/landscaper for many years. Well this is not just good equipment, this is outstanding equipment. I just use it to mow my small 1250 sq ft lawn. I did not want the non commercial GreenWorks lawnmower available elsewhere, I wanted something that will be the last lawnmower I buy. This lawnmower is really powerful, it cuts so smoothly at such a perfect speed, that my lawn looks great. Yes, the Turbo Boost feature comes alive when the lawnmower gets slightly bogged down. What a great purchase. If I was mowing lawns I would buy two and keep a battery at several of my customers places.
    This lawnmower is also very capable of being a great mulcher or it can pick every thing off of the lawn if using the catcher.
    I am able to cut my 1250 sq ft lawn on five charges. So I would easily estimate a single charge on a 82 Volt 5Ah battery would do a 6,000 sq foot lawn…NICE!!!

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